Cartoonized yet again


Turns out it’s more fun when you use the actual picture.




These past few days, I’ve gotten the urge to draw, somehow. I used to do that quite much many years back, but it more or less stopped for some reason. Anyway, here’s 3 pictures I’ve drawn these past few days, they might be recognized if you’ve read any other posts around here.

There’s more to come.



During late hours, every now and then I feel like “cartoonizing” a photo. I take a photo I like and make it look like a drawn picture instead, or at least a bit more digital. This should be my best attempt yet, so I’ll post it up here.

Stairing babies


I’ve always liked M.C Escher-kind of stuff, with impossible surfaces and whatnot. I saw a picture that boggled me yesterday, it looked like something created in MSpaint though, so I made an attempt at a slightly more realistic version.

stairing babies

The babies are just there to stress that it’s a strange set of stairs, nothing else. 🙂

Scissor all around


For a while, I always wanted to take things further. Scissor cut was one of the things I wanted to do that with, making the 180 it stretches out into a full 360. I was stopped by the lack of abnormally stretchy hands, but later realized I could pull something similar off with editing.

How about that..?

I </3 you?


A long time back after seeing the Psy love-shirts, I felt like doing a similar thing, but with a special-pen I had. Here’s what I did after some experimentation.

A clarification


Being in Blackpool; England last year, a friend of mine said “I got to pee”, whereas I reponded “Me too, in my wallet”.

The group gave me a weird look, and then we kept walking. I’d like to clarify now afterwards, I was not intending to urinate in my wallet, I just happened to have two pence there.

Two Pence

Jonas Thatcher


I got to think of the Margaret Thatcher Illusion today, and got the urge to try it out myself on one of my photos, I was delighted with the horrifying result, so here it is. 😀

Jonas goes Thatcher

Hidden messages.


One thing I noticed when posting on forums was that the quote-box often has a different color than the area where un-quoted posts are written. I wanted to use that idea for some purpose and here’s what I came up with.


I was thinking about a similar concept using luminous colors today, what if you painted something with a luminous green color on a green surface?

It’s all about context.


Here’s an idea I’ve had for quite a long time.
2 kinds of tears, it’s all about context.

2 kinds of tears.

…I wonder what I can do with nails…